Why Choose a Laser Comb to Treat Hair Loss?
 by: Carol P. Mason

A laser comb uses low level laser therapy (also known as LLLT, photobiomodulation, cold laser therapy and laser biostimulation) as its treatment method for hair loss. Laser therapy is an emerging medical technique in which exposure to low level laser light or light-emitting laser diodes can stimulate cellular function leading to beneficial clinical effects. It is on track to become one of the most important developments in life sciences since the discovery of penicillin. Low level laser therapy is now being used to treat different conditions such as pain, skin conditions, chemical substance addictions, and dental diseases along with various hair loss conditions. Low level laser therapy uses this low powered laser light, in the range of 1-1000mW, at wavelengths from 632nm – 904nm to stimulate the cellular processes which enhance favorable biochemical reactions such as hair re-growth. Along with other clinical applications, its use in the laser comb to treat hair loss has now been cleared by the FDA.

What are the Benefits of Low Level Laser Therapy?

While applying lasers to the backs of shaven mice after surgery, a scientist noticed that the shaved hair grew back more quickly on the treated group of mice than the untreated group. The laser’s low level of light had stimulated the blood flow around the follicles and had produced a favorable environment for new hair to grow. Combine this same laser power in today’s laser comb with proper scalp care, a healthy lifestyle and hair-specific nutritional vitamins and you can have healthier, fuller and thicker hair. The laser comb provides an effective, drug-free, non-surgical solution for men and women experiencing and wanting to treat hair loss. However, if you are choosing the option of hair transplant surgery, many hair loss doctors now use the laser comb to assist with postoperative healing. If you are a woman experiencing shedding or thinning hair, you are in the company of an estimated 20 million American women who also suffer from hair loss. Use of the laser comb by females is growing even more rapidly as the newer, lighter hand held devices can be used in the privacy of one’s home. Results do vary from individual to individual, but by using the laser comb you can expect your hair to improve in amount and quality, therefore improving your confidence as well as your looks.

How Does the Laser Comb Deliver Treatment?

In-office laser therapy treatments were gaining in popularity for men and women experiencing hair loss and thinning hair, but now hand held devices have been developed that resemble a brush in appearance. The light energy from the laser comb penetrates between existing hairs, delivering the energy directly to the scalp. This laser comb gives off no heat and carries a gentle, nourishing light therapy. Clinical studies have suggested that this cellular and sub-cellular activity breaks down the collection of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is responsible for hair loss (alopecia). It also stimulates the pores to expand and release any material that clogs them and causes the hair follicle to die. Studies show that there are no negative side effects to this form of laser hair therapy, as the low level lasers cannot damage living tissues.

How Do I Get the Best Results with My Laser Comb?

Many websites offer the latest low level laser therapy devices, but the best results come from a laser comb that has the largest number of true laser diodes (not simple LEDs or light emitting devices) along with a support system of hair care products that work synergistically with light therapy. There is so much information available today regarding this emerging field of medical technology, so make sure to look around for a manufacturer who has an educational website. See for yourself what goes into creating their products and how much experience they have with the laser comb. If you've tried several different methods to stop hair loss, but still haven't been successful, it might be time to purchase a laser comb. The media and the scientific world are taking notice of the legitimate capabilities of low level laser therapy and a great hair loss therapy system.

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